Soccer Tips

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Every soccer players wants to improve his or her game, no matter how could he or she is. There are lots of soccer tips floating around out there that could improve you game. Who knows which soccer tips will help you the most, but it can never hurt to try them all. Just focus on which part of the game you need to work the most on, and ask your coach for tips on how to improve it. There are also books and videos and other sources that can help you out, too. Here are a few tips to help you improve your soccer shooting skills:
Everyone wants to be the one to score that winning goal of the game.

These are a few tips to help you reach that “goal.” First of all, do not shoot the ball just because you happen to have it. There may very likely be another player whom you could pass the ball to that has a better shot. That said, here are some tips to improve your shot:
Curl your toes. You do not want to be using your toes when you shoot the ball – you could hurt your toes, and your shots will never go to the same place twice. Instead of using your toes, use the top part of your foot (where your laces are). This surface is much wider than your toe, which makes your shot more accurate and it hurts much less.

Get your knee over the ball. You do not want to kick the soccer ball over the goal. If you miss your shot but the ball does not go over the goal, you at least have the chance of somebody getting it in off of a rebound. To make sure your ball does not go over the goal, concentrate on getting your knee over the ball.

To get the idea of what this means, stand on your left leg and point your right toe towards the ground next to the front of your planted left foot. Notice the position of your knee in regard to the position of where the soccer ball would be in a shooting position. That is what NOT to do. Now slide your right foot, which is still pointed toward the ground, back towards the heel of your planted left foot. Now notice how your right knee is now over the area where the ball would be when shooting.

Now you’ve gotten your knee over the soccer ball.
Keep your head down. Your coach has probably told you this already. Looking up can reduce the chance of your hitting the target. You do, of course, want to glance up before shooting so that you can see where your target is, but while you’re shooting, keep your head down. Now you can focus on keeping your knew over the soccer ball.Follow Through.

Following through can change the speed of your shot.
Fake-out. When playing soccer, it is also a good idea to fake out the goalie so that he doesn’t know when you’ll be shooting the ball. It’s much harder to block the soccer ball if you don’t know where it’s coming from!