2009 College Cup for Men’s and Women’s Soccer

It is the time of year for the men’s and women’s NCAA Soccer College Cup.  These young men and women have battled all year preparing for the race to the title.  Who will be standing in the finals holding the NCAA National Championship trophy?

The 2009 Women’s College Cup began November 13th and the final game will be December 6th in College Station, Texas.  The top 64 women’s teams have been dwindled to four: Notre Dame vs. North Carolina and UCLA vs. Stanford.

Cary, North Carolina will host the 2009 Men’s College Cup finals on December 13th.  Teams began the journey to the Championship November 19th and only 8 are left:  Drake vs. North Carolina, Maryland vs. Virginia, Akron vs. Tulsa and Wake Forest vs. UCLA.

Kick, head, throw-in and block – push for the title of National Champion!